The International Technical Symposium on Navigation and Timing, 2018

In 2018 the symposium was composed of three "Invited Guest" sessions: "Systems and Algorithms", "Terrestrial Navigation", "Air Navigation", one Young Researchers session and three "Peer Reviewed Paper" sessions: "GNSS Augmentations and Their Use for Navigation", "Navigation in Challenging Environment I", "Navigation in Challenging Environment II".



The detailed program of the International Technical Symposium on Navigation and Timing can be downloaded here



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2018 Invited Speakers

  • Andrew Dempster, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Ignacio Fernández Hernández, European Commission, Belgium
  • Yoan Gregoire, CNES, France
  • Carl Milner, ENAC, France
  • Matteo Paonni, European Commission, Italy
  • Valérie Renaudin, IFSTTAR, France
  • Jason Rife, Tufts University, USA
  • Catherine Ronfle-Nadaud, DSNA, France
  • Logan Scott, Logan Scott Consulting, USA
  • Francis Soualle, Airbus DS, Germany
  • Karen van Dyke, Dept of Transportation, USA
  • Todd Walter, Stanford University, USA

"Invited Guest" Session #1: Systems and Algorithms

"Towards a Comprehensive Approach for Obtaining Resilient PNT", Logan Scott, Logan Scott Consulting (USA) #

"New Concepts and Ideas to Improve the Reliability of PNT Service", Matteo Paonni, European Commission (Italy) #

"Cospas-Sarsat MEOSAR Presentation", Yoan Gregoire, CNES (France) #

"Perspectives of PNT Services Supported by Mega-Constellations", Francis Soualle, Airbus DS (Germany) #

"Peer Reviewed Papers" Session #1: GNSS Augmentations and Their Use for Navigation

Results on Australia and New Zealand Second Generation SBAS and PPP Augmentation System, Julian Barrios Lerma, GMV (Spain)

Download: [Article] | [Presentation]

Assessment of Satellite Selection Methods under DFMC SBAS Augmentation for LPV-200 Approach Operations, Denis Bouvet, Thales AVS (France)

Download: [Article]

SBAS Guidelines for Shipborne Receiver based on IMO Res. A.1046 (27): EGNOS Performance Assessment in Norwegian Coast, Sergio Magdaleno, ESSP SAS (Spain)

Download: [Article] | [Presentation]

gmvBRAVE: A powerful tool for SBAS engineering, Carlos Cuesta-Martínez, GMV (Spain)

Download: [Article] | [Presentation]

"Peer Reviewed Papers" Session #2: Navigation in Challenging Environment I

Hybridisations Based on Visual Information for the Localisation of Self-Driving Cars, Kevin Honore, Safran Electronics & Defense (France)

Download: [Article] | [Presentation]

5G positioning and hybridization with GNSS observations, Roc Maymo-Camps, Telespazio (France)

Download: [Article] | [Presentation]

Bounding Localization Errors with Student Distribution for Road Vehicles, Joelle Al Hage, SIVALab. Université de Technolgie de Compiègne, Sorbonne Universités (France)

Download: [Article] | [Presentation]

Low-cost high-precision GNSS: challenges and opportunities, Yang Gao, University of Calgary (Canada)

Download: [Presentation]

"Invited Guest" Session #2: Terrestrial Navigation

"Use of GNSS Data as Evidence", Andrew Dempster, University of New South Wales (Australia)

"Resilient Positioning, Navigation, and Timing", Karen van Dyke, Dept. Of Transportation (USA) #

"Integrating Human Dimension in the Development of Pedestrian Navigation", Valérie Renaudin, IFSTTAR (France)

"Galileo High Accuracy and Authentication Services for Terrestrial Applications", Ignacio Fernández Hernández, European Commission, Belgium

"Peer Reviewed Papers" Session #3: Navigation in Challenging Environment II

Testing receiver resilience against signal replay attacks, Simón Cancela, GMV (Spain)

Download: [Article] | [Presentation]

Characterization Of Pseudo - Range Multipath Errors In An Urban Environment, Eustachio Roberto Matera, ENAC (France)

Download: [Article] | [Presentation]

GNSS Cloud-Data Processing Technique for Jamming Detection and Localization, Jung-hoon Lee, Inha University (South Korea)

Download: [Article] | [Presentation]

Receiver Independent Implementation of the Galileo Open Service Navigation Message Authentication, Xabier Zubizarreta, Fraunhofer IIS (Germany)

Download: [Article] | [Presentation]

The Ionosphere Prediction Service for GNSS Users, Fillippo Rodriguez, Telespazio (Italy)

Download: [Article] | [Presentation]

"Invited Guest" Session #3: Air Navigation

"Crossing Probabilities and ARAIM Temporal Correlation", Carl Milner, ENAC (France)

"Software and GNSS Fault-Monitoring for Automated Aircraft",Jason Rife, Tufts University (USA)

"Risk Assessment for Drones Operation", Catherine Ronfle-Nadaud, DSNA (France)

"RFI Mitigation for Civil Navigation", Todd Walter, Stanford University (USA)